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Mom's Killer Cakes and Cookies

Mom is working diligently with her design team, excited to be opening her very own COMMERCIAL kitchen!! Mom IS taking orders now, and  will be holding an open house, welcoming shoppers to come to the grand opening of her kitchen, offering a tour, as well as delicious samples of her wonderful baked goodies!! Stay tuned for the date of this fabulous event!!
And rest assured... online orders are still a go-go!! :D



Need a tasty, gourmet dessert that’s sure to dazzle folks at your next party, baby or bridal shower, school or corporate event?  Too tired, run down or listless to even think about whipping up a sugary concoction that may or may not turn out?  If you answered yes to any of the above, no worries… CALL MOM!  Mom’s Killer Cakes and Cookies that is… A Mom to Everyone!   Mom's Killer Cakes and Cookies offers the very finest in baked Dee-Lights. Honest to goodness home-baked Dee-Licious cakes, cupcakes, pies, rolls,
dipped strawberries and buttery cookies all reasonably priced.  All of Mom’s baked goods are made with all only the purest and most natural ingredients...ingredients you would find in your very own icebox or cupboard…not in Frankenstein’s laboratory!

Mom also offers hand-poured creamy, dreamy candles that offer many delicious scents you may smell at any given time in Mom’s kitchen: chocolate chip cookie, butter cream, birthday cake, gingerbread and many more.  Most importantly, these candles are 100% SOY, are clean burning and environmentally friendly.  No dyes are added, making Mom’s one of the "greenest" candles available in all the land!  MAKE YOUR KITCHEN SMELL LIKE MOM’S …click on our NosEtalgic Candle Co. link to order yours today!

Sarah Duggan-Chalk founded MKCC in 2004 with the belief that people genuinely desire to serve their families wonderfully baked treats just like their own mothers and grandmothers used to baked.  However, who has the time and energy in this modern age of hustle and bustle to bake…it’s easier to pop open a box and spend time with the family and sacrifice taste for convenience.   Well... now you can have the best of both worlds with all the same convenience!

So, grab a steaming cuppa joe, and take a look around. We offer a delectable array of devilishly tempting morsels, sure to make your next party, dinner, or gift the talk of the town! The hardest part will be powdering your nose with flour, so that everyone is dazzled by your tremendous culinary talents! ;^)  CHECK BACK OFTEN SINCE MOM IS CONSTANTLY CREATING NEW SUGARY CONCOCTIONS! ALSO, LOOK FOR OUR UPCOMING SUGAR-FREE DEE-LIGHTS!

To place an order or should you have any questions please contact us:
Phone:     (662) 403-0013
E-mail:     momskillercakesandcookies@gmail.com

For up to date baking news, join us on Facebook:
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... With Mom doing the baking... there's always a party!!
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